Monday, August 4, 2014

Things are good.

Here are some of the highlights from this last week:
-I've been learning recently (again and again), that oftentimes preparation precedes revelation. Many of the greatest studies, lessons, and meetings we've had are the ones we was best prepared for (that's good grammar in East Texas), and therefore felt the confidence to follow the Spirit as necessary.
    As I pondered Monday night over what I would study the next day, the thought that came to my mind was, "questions about the Plan of Salvation." As I tried to think of specific questions or doubts to answer, the question of, "Are we born with sin?" came to mind. I've almost never had someone bring that up as a serious doubt in a lesson, but I searched out the answer anyway, and found various scriptures to help provide an answer. Of course, that very night the subject came up in a lesson. Surprised and excited, I quickly turned to the scriptures I had found on the subject just hours before. Juan, the man we were talking to, seemed satisfied with the answer and we were able to move on.
    It's something small, I know, but I've discovered that God is much more willing to help us when we demonstrate our sincerety by planning, preparing, and studying things out beforehand, and then trust in His guidance as things unfold.
-Our attendance at church just about doubled this week due to a baby blessing. It was an exciting opportunity to see people who had never been to our church before, and others who hadn't attended for a long period of time. One sister came forward and shared her testimony with tears in her eyes, and explained how good it felt to be back. Going to church definitely isn't everything, but God has given it to us for several important purposes, and He blesses us greatly when we go.
There is, as always, a lot to learn and improve. But things are good! The branch president and mission leader were both called within the last month, so it's been fun working with them and learning some things together.
Love you!
Elder Gaughan

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