Saturday, May 25, 2013

Growing and Learning

First of all, I don't know when I'll have time to respond to everyone (I can't believe how many letters/emails I've already gotten), but you're posting this on the blog right? I just hope everyone knows who's written me how much it's meant. Every letter puts a big smile on my face. I don't know if I ever mentioned this to anyone before I left, but I realized recently that at least in part, I wanted to dedicate these two years as a big thank you to all the family, friends, and teachers that have helped me get to this point. I'm here first and foremost because I love the Savior and want to bring His gospel to Heavenly Father's children, but I've been almost overwhelmed recently as I've thought about all the goodness and kindness I've received throughout the years. 
     By the way, I've run into a ton of people I know. I met Bro. Jarman's brother literally on the first day--he taught a workshop my companion and I just happened to run into. Haha I couldn't believe how similar they were, I almost felt like I was back in Green Valley Ward. Elder Wood got a picture of us, so I'll try to send that to you soon. I also run into Elder Justin McBeth every day or two, so that's been a lot of fun,
    The Spanish is coming along really pretty well, we've taught 5 lessons and it's definitely becoming a little easier every time. 
  The gospel has opened up to me both intellectually and practically this week and a half in really meaningful ways.
Love, John
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