Saturday, June 1, 2013

Life is Good

Wow, things are really crazy over there. I'm sorry, I spent too much time reading and working on other letters so this will have to be a quick one. The district is doing well, we're learning and growing a lot. We set a goal to speak 100% Spanish yesterday, so that was hard, but went well. We're doing good though. I realized the other day that almost whenever I speak I end up slowing down a lot and "um"ing through a lot of my sentences. Haha we taught a native speaker last week, and I had to keep myself from laughing when I heard him talk and realized I barely know what I'm doing. But things are good. Did I tell you that there's a sister from SVU in my district? Crazy right? Her name is Sister Libby Braddy. I didn't know her too well before, but it's been cool having someone from my "previous life" here. Things are good besides that. Your weaknesses really come out in here, and you start to realize just how far you have to go. But every day is inspiring and motivates me to be a little better, and to lean on the Savior a little more. And don't worry, I have a lot of fun too. My district is hilarious and our teachers are awesome.
I'm praying for you guys, I hope everything keeps moving forward well. The gospel is true! 
Elder Gaughan

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