Monday, October 14, 2013

Questions and Answers

Mom Asked: 
1. Are you still in the same area you were when you first came out? What's the name of the area? 
2. Why are you so busy--emailing other people?  Playing soccer? Contacting in the library?  Just curious.

Elder Gaughan's Responses: 
1. Yes, kind of. I started out in Oak Cliff West, which included the former Oak Cliff South area (which we literally almost never visited). After my first transfer when I got called to train Elder Ericson, they divided West and South again, and we went to South and pretty much reopened it (let me tell you, it was a project cleaning up the apartment). That's where I am with Elder Sanchez right now. I've been in the same ward, Oak Cliff 1st, the entire time.

2. Well, most preparation days we play basketball or something and go do emails after, and we almost always still have a long list of things to do after that. Or, like last week, we put it off until the very end of the day. and emailing other people/president Durrant. Also, I'm a very, very slow writer.

The best thing that happened this week was yesterday at church. What the--session ending, sorry. I fasted and saw miracles. Bye!

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