Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in Texas

It's been a good week! To be honest, there's not too much to write about though. Elder Trujillo and I got Christmas presents from several generous members here, and we had the opportunity to find 12 more people willing to hear the Savior's message. We've seen some great miracles though, one of which I'll tell you about in detail.
     Elder Trujillo and I walked out of a lesson on Tuesday to find a large dent right in front the driver's side door of our car. We knocked on the neighbor's door across the street to see if they knew anything about it, and the mom of the house told us she had done it and was hoping we wouldn't find her. Of course, Elder Trujillo then accidentally broke one of their porch steps as we went back to the car, which was pretty awkward to explain. We spent the next hour or so doing the paper work with the woman, and when we got in the car to drive away, we noticed an older woman waving us down to come talk to her. We drove over and she told us that she was a member that hadn't been to church in years and that her spouse had recently died, and she was ready to reactivate. She's nextdoor neighbors with and an old friend of Brian and Jason, two brothers we're teaching that are getting baptized in two weeks.
   We visited with her later that week, and she told us she had seen us on her way to the store earlier that day, and was praying the whole trip that we would still be there when she got back. As it turned out, our accident was the answer to her prayer.
    The Lord brings about His work and will, and blesses His children in ways we sometimes don't see immediately. I learned this week not to judge situations by the immediate results, but to trust and hope that it will bring about our Heavenly Father's loving purposes.
  The Savior lives, and lasting happiness is only found by living His gospel. Please look for opportunities to share what you have with others! The Lord will help you, as He has helped me every day.

Elder Gaughan

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