Monday, January 6, 2014

A New Year

Well it's been an exciting week! We locked ourselves out of the car, made a family cry (in a good way), met a homeless guy worth millions of dollars that's planning to remake "The Wizard of Oz," had a baptismal interview, taught the most lessons in a week in our entire time as companions, and got six missionaries added to our zone.
     There's a woman we're teaching named Maria Socorro that's just incredible. She called us from a pass along card the missionaries gave her about 3 months ago and said she wanted us to come by and talk her; she came to church the first week we taught her, and after that hasn't missed for the past 5-6 Sundays except when she got lost on the way and when she had an important family event. She's been smoking on and off since she was 6 years old (now in her 70's), but after we taught her the Word of Wisdom, she started cutting back and is very probably going to quit completely this month or next month. Even though it hurts her eyes, she reads in the pamphlets we leave her or the scriptures several times a week. She's incredible! Thinking about her and some of our other investigators recently has made me reflect on well known idea that God is more concerned with where we are headed and willing to go than with where we are or have been.      
      Jesus Christ lives, loves us, and will help us fulfill our divine potential if we obey Him; God is our loving Heavenly Father; the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored. I invite you to look and pray for opportunities to be an example or share what you know to be true with those around you, and you will be blessed, and be happy; I've seen it for myself.

Elder Gaughan

1. Maria Socorro


2. The ice storm a couple of weeks ago--it was crazy!

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