Monday, February 24, 2014

Another Good Week!

It's been a good week! Lots of learning opportunities about planning and using time effectively. The best thing that happened is we found a great new investigator named Bernardino. He's a young Hispanic guy that lives on the same street as Jason Quinteros, our recent convert. We knocked on his door and he answered--he told us all of his housemates were drinking, but he was willing to listen to a message (that was a fantastic sign to start out). As soon as we sat down he told us he didn't have much faith in God, but really wanted to come to know him more. We had a great lesson about who God is, and how we can come closer to Him (prayer and the scriptures). He said wanted to come to church and asked for the address, and we taught him how to pray and he offered a prayer asking to know if God exists. The next day we had another great lesson about the Restoration, and he understood everything perfectly. We explained church a little more, and when we said it was three hours but the first hour (sacrament meeting) was the most important, he said, "Hey I've got the time, I want to learn everything I can." He also accepted the baptismal invitation, and now we just have to set a date. Unfortunately he didn't make it to church (we're almost positive it was because of his work schedule), but we'll see him again this week.
  What amazed me about this is that we've been on that street literally almost every single day for the past 3 months, and never met him. I assumed we had talked to just about everybody and really didn't expect to find any new investigators there. It taught me that there are great opportunities (in missionary work as well as in general) around us that we sometimes fail to notice and are right in front of our eyes.

I testify that Jesus Christ is at the head of this work, and that He restored His church. Yesterday a man named Steve was baptized in Oak Cliff, my first area as a missionary. I found him with Elder Walker last august, and never thought it would go anywhere. The man was a former Baptist missionary and had specifically been taught about why Mormonism is false. He objected to almost every uniquely LDS doctrine we taught at first. Those who seek diligently will find an answer about this message, and we can have confidence in that! This gospel is true.

Elder Gaughan

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