Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Investigator

 The most exciting thing this last week was teaching Bernardino. He's a young guy, in his early 20's, and when we found him he practically didn't believe in God. In our lesson last week we explained the Book of Mormon, and unlike most investigators he captured not only the meaning but the importance of it. After we read the introduction with him, he asked in a tone like he was surprised it was so simple, "so all I have to do is read this book, and you're saying if I shut myself up in my room and ask God if it's true He's going to respond?" We promised him that was true, and he told us was going to get ready for bed and starting reading as soon as we left. He also described how since we had started meeting with him just one earlier, he felt like was becoming a different person. He told he used not talk to anyone, and was now making friends, he was happier, and felt the peace we had promised he would receive if he prayed and kept the commitments we extend.
   This gospel is amazing, and when people apply the principles it changes them. Hope you all have a great week! I love you! And pray for opportunities to share the gospel! People won't get offended. The excuses and fear that impede us do not come from God. I'd highly recommend reading "Trust in The Lord" by Elder Ballard about that when you can.
Elder Gaughan

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