Monday, March 17, 2014

Recognizing the Spirit

This week, my thoughts have turned a lot to recognizing the Spirit and His way it can change us. We have an investigator that is preparing for baptism on April 12, named Socorro. She was decidedly against setting baptismal date until January, when one day in church she had this feeling come over her that she should be baptized. We set a date for February 22, but from lack of consistent visits with her and other obstacles, she could not get baptized on that date. Her biggest obstacle now is the doubt of whether this really the true church. The funny thing is, when we ask her if she believes the Book of Mormon is true, she says yes. On top of that, she has told us that her character has changed since we started meeting with her--she's more social, empathetic, patient, and charitable. She's been brought to tears during church and lessons more than once from the spirit she's felt. For whatever reason though, she still has trouble fully committing. 
     A stake president once told us that one of the defining characteristics of an the apostles and prophets is their sensitivity and obedience to spiritual promptings. From my experience that is one of the absolutely essential attributes in order to be a powerful servant in the hands of the Lord.
Elder Gaughan

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