Monday, March 10, 2014

Sharing the apartment and working by the Spirit

It's been kind of a crazy week. We found out last Saturday night that Elder Nebeker and I would be staying to together, but we would have another companionship move in with us and work in our area. I had to give my private bathroom and shower (our apartment is 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom), but it was worth it--it's been a lot of fun and we're getting a lot done in the area. 
    I just realized--I never sent you a picture with Elder Nebeker. Almost on a daily basis people ask us if we're brothers.
    Had two great experiences with the Spirit this week. The other night around 8:00 pm we had visited all our appointments and had planned to knock doors in a certain neighborhood we had been working for the last hour. En route, it hit me that we needed to knock in a different area nearby, so we turned in the opposite direction and went to the street that had come to mind. Amazingly, at the very first house we knocked a young hispanic guy opened the door and let us in. The lesson wasn't anything special, but we set a return appointment and taught him how to pray. More than anything it strengthened my testimony of the importance of following the Spirit the moment an impression comes. 
    The other experience was more like the Hand of God than really following the Spirit, but it was still pretty amazing. Several months ago Elder Trujillo and I visited a less-active/part member family and never went back. For some reason I got it stuck in my mind that this was the Camacho family, and for months in coordination meetings, whenever they mentioned the Camacho family that's who I thought about and commented on. last week Elder Nebeker and I decided we wanted to go back and visit them again, so we set up an appointment with the real Sister Camacho for 8 o'clock Sunday night. When we got to the "Camacho's" house they let us right in. Not until I was saying the opening prayer did I realize we were in the wrong house: "and please bless the Camacho family" "--Hernandez" " family that might feel the Spirit tonight." 
   It turned out that's exactly where we needed be though. We visited with Sister Camacho and her son and they were both very open. The sister told us that Brandon needed a blessing, which we gladly gave at the end. Both she and Brandon enthusiastically received our message about the importance of studying the scriptures and committed to start reading the Book of Mormon every day for the first time in years. She also referred us to talk to her next door neighbor, gave us a list of 6 or 7 friends from work to contact, and said she would think about her friends and have more referrals when we came back. 
     Things are going well and I'm learning every day. More than anything I'm trying to learn how to care about and for each person the way Jesus Christ would. Almost every person we visit with has suffered in significant ways or is dealing with something very difficult, whether it be financial, emotional, spiritual, physical, etc. The truth is, it can be incredibly hard to give your might, mind, heart, and strength to helping each of these people, with distinct and serious needs, to come unto Christ. I've learned to appreciate better the patience and truly limitless love and care that Christ and our Heavenly Father have for everyone of us, and it motivates me to give more as I try to minister to these people and help them receive the Restored Gospel.
Please pray for opportunities to share the gospel! I love you!

Elder Gaughan

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