Tuesday, January 20, 2015

MLK Delay

Hey everyone!
Due to it being MLK day yesterday, the library was closed. That's why I'm writing you today!
   So, I had to dig pretty deep this week and use my old acting skills. That's right! On Thursday we had a meeting with all the missionaries in the stake to have our personal interviews with President Taylor and to present the 2015 Texas Dallas Mission vision, part of which has to do with becoming one like the Stripling Warriors. As the other zone leader, Elder Del Aguila, and I were talking about the best way to present it, we decided on a Stripling warriors skit, featuring Elder Del Aguila as the break-dancing captain of the Lamanites and yours truly as Captain Helaman. (A video may or may not end up on our mission's facebook page.) It took a lot to get out of my comfort zone in that way again, but we had fun and it seemed to get the message across. 
    The people we're visiting are doing pretty well. Unfortunately at the moment we don't have anyone that's on the verge of being baptized in the next few weeks, but we're seeing progress! Yesterday, mostly due to my incredible companion, three less active young men and two nonmembers came to play sports with the missionaries! It was a living testimony of one of my favorite quotes about missionary work, which goes more or less like this: "The Lord is not asking us to add another activity to the many which we are doing; simply to change the way we do what we already do." If we are looking for opportunities to love, serve, include, and share the gospel as we go through our daily tasks, hobbies, and activities, God will give us those opportunities. 
    I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves each of us as an individual. I know He will save us from our sins, frustrations, sicknesses, egoism, fears, and weaknesses (whether it be in this life or the next) as build our lives on faith in His sacrifice, character, and love, and strive to apply His teachings in our lives. 
Elder Gaughan

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