Monday, January 5, 2015

Let's Be Builders

Hey guys! Feliz ano nuevo!!
Hmm... I'll be honest, there's really not much to say this week! As always we've been greatly blessed and have seen some great things happen. New Years Eve I was on exchanges with Elder Huber from our district, and that night we went to a ward party to meet the members and be with our investigators there.
Things have been good with Elder Del Aguila and the zone too. I'll be honest, I've been around few missionaries that are so willing to follow the Spirit and strive to really help others overcome their obstacles in the Gospel. What came to my mind this morning as I was thinking about the this last transfer and a half was this: we're all "investigators." As missionaries it's often easy to put the people we visit in one box, and the missionaries in another, the members in another, etc., and often treat each one differently. But that's wrong! Just as we are put in positions to teach and strengthen others, someone else has been called to teach and strengthen us. We're all someone's investigator--whether that be our bishop, home/visiting teachers, quorum/auxiliary presidents, parents, etc. That gives me strength, and helps me want to be more sincere and do more for those I'm called to help. There's no need to patronize, talk down to, or put on a face for those under our stewardship, just as we wouldn't want others to do so for us. 
In short, just build everyone around you! And let others help you build yourself. Take counsel as freely and humbly as you would have others receive it from you, and consider how your Heavenly Father feels about you when you get frustrated, disappointed, or impatient with those you're trying to or have been called to help.
I love you! Thank you for being my family, as odd as that may sound. You bless me and many others every day. 
Elder Gaughan

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