Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas, Squirrels, and more!

Feliz navidad y prospero ano! 
For some reason I haven't shared one of the most important things I've been learning recently. I've spent most of my mission rushed, feeling like I need to keep my lessons to half an hour so I can get out and teach someone else or get something done. People's personal interests or personalities didn't really interest me that much. I considered missionaries like navy seals: highly trained individuals who come in with a specific job to do. You need friendship? Well yeah, I care about you, but that's what the members are there for. I never took time to get to really get to know people, have any fun with them, or let them get to know me. What I've been learning over the last several weeks is that in order to really help people receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they have to know you care, and they have to trust you. Otherwise, they don't open up about their real obstacles or concerns, and we're almost wasting our time. As one of the apostles said in the Work of Salvation broadcast in May 2013, "love is the lifeblood of missionary work." 
Here are some pictures: 
1, This is a less-active member we ran into. That little guy is Rocky, his pet squirrel. Yep. 
2. Rocky likes Coke. 
3. I finally got to be in downtown Dallas! We helped out an interfaith organization with a multi-cultural event last Monday and with TubaChristmas (as seen in this photo) on Christmas eve! Over 200 tuba players played Christmas songs and the audience kind of sang along. 
I know the Savior lives, and He will help when we trust in Him. He knows us. Again, it was great to see y'all. Till next week!
Elder Gaughan

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