Monday, August 19, 2013


Things are going pretty well. It's definitely harder being in charge of an area than being the trainee that follows around an experienced missionary, but I'm learning a lot. We found some good investigators this week that we're excited to follow up on, but at the moment we don't have anyone ready for baptism. We're particularly excited about the Sabedro familia. They took lessons from the missionaries about 2 years ago, and when the missionaries changed they stopped coming by. They were really pretty happy to see us, and the mom still remembers about Joseph Smith (and we're hoping some other stuff).
  I had no idea what it meant to have the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many people think it's just another religion and they tell that it all leads to "one God." Well, yes, we are all trying to worship God, but what a blessing to know that He speaks in our day, and that He has blessed us with temples, a prophet, 12 apostles, the Book of Mormon, and so much more! That's incredible to me. I'm inspired by those who are devoted their religion, but it always makes me sad when they turn down the opportunity to learn that we have access to more of God's word.
  President Durrant gave a great invitation at Stake Conference yesterday. It's a phrase you can use anywhere--the grocery store, a restaurant, waiting in line--"Would you be willing to listen to a brief presentation about..." and you fill in the blank: "our religious beliefs," "our church," etc. They important thing is the words "willing" and "brief". Apparently, that seems to get the most positive responses. When they say yes, you write down their name, address, and phone number, and give it to the missionaries. If they say no, just keep having a conversation.
  So here's the challenge: use that phrase 5 times this week, and email me next Monday with the results. I promise that if you're willing to do it, someone will say yes. Have faith! The Lord will help you find the words--trust me.
Elder Gaughan

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