Monday, August 5, 2013

The Work is REALLY Expanding

Well, it's been a very interesting week. I'm serving in the Oak Cliff 1st Ward, which has about 100-150 active members. We have 3 compananionships in the ward now! I got transfered to Oak Cliff South and um... I'm training. I have no idea how that happened or why, but I know it's the Lord's will! I'm nervous since we're more or less reopening our area as well, but I know we can do it with a positive attitude, hard work, and reliance on and faith in the Lord. We have 22 new missionaries coming in tomorrow, and that's when I'll find out who I'll train. Haha it'll be a nice review of everything I just learned this transfer.
    Investigators are doing pretty well. It's unfortunate though, because we got 14 people to church last month (4 of which showed up by themselves, miraculously), but only 1 came twice. We're still feeling good about Hilda Venegas and her family though, and there are some other good ones as well.
    Two crazy stories for the week: on Monday, about 95% of my white shirts somehow got covered in green spots in the dryer. I have no idea what happened, but there you go. Elder Walker and I just laughed about it, especially since it was the first week I hadn't done something dumb doing laundry. So for the next 3 days we tried three or four different cleaning methods, but unfortunately, none of them worked. So I might be requesting a new batch of shirts next week if we don't get that figured out. Also, we knocked into Joseph Smith yesterday. haha he said he gets a hard time about his name all the time.
Elder Gaughan

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