Monday, August 12, 2013

First Pictures!

Let me tell you, it's been a crazy week. It almost felt like my first week out in the field all over again, but without the comfort of an experienced companion. I've sure learned a lot though, it has been honest to goodness amazing to see how the Lord has supported and provided for us a companionship and me personally. Yesterday, for example, nothing seemed to be working. The members we had lined up to come out with us didn't answer the phone, we couldn't get a hold of our dinner appointment, and our GPS (which I desperately cling to to know how to get to our appointments) stopped working. Right as we were about to leave our apartment, a young man from the ward showed up to come out with us, 5 minutes later, the GPS was working, and last but not least, as we were tracting we knocked into a member family that was literally having a conversation about what to do with their leftovers from dinner. And that's just one example. I'm amazed at the Lord, literally in just days, increased my ability to understand Spanish, to plan, and to speak and teach and feel comfortable and natural while I do it.
     Elder Ericson is my new companion, and he's great. The very first day he was taking the initiative in contacting and teaching, and he wants to be the best missionary he can. We speak a lot more Spanish on our own than Elder Walker and I did which I love, and he's just generally doing a great job. We connected immediately when we found out that we had the same teacher in the MTC and that his district replaced mine when we left. 
    We definitely have a lot to learn, but things are really good. We're teaching the Barraza family right now, and we have a lot of hope for them. The mom and kids are already members and just started coming back to church, and the mom's boyfriend who lives with them, Wally, just started taking the lessons. He loves the church, said he's excited to read the Book of Mormon, and even asked us what he had to do to get baptized. Unfortunately they didn't come to church this week, so we're going to go by hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday and see what happened. 
Elder Gaughan 

1. Elder Ericson (my trainee!!)
2. Here's Elder Walker with his "descendants"-- Elder Ericson (my trainee), me, Elder Walker, Elder Evans (his new trainee), and another elder he trained with HIS trainee.

3. Familia Garcia--recent converts Elder Walker and I worked with a lot. Really, really good couple. Unfortunately their kids aren't members, but I think Elder Walker is still working on a few of them. 

4. Elder Walker, Hilda Venegas, her mom, and me. She's the woman we found that was baptized as a kid and has been inactive ever since. Elder Walker and Evans should are track to baptize her son and grandson next month!

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