Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

So here's what's been going on: we have five progressing investigators right now, and I'm really excited about some of them. One is named Moises--the first time we sat down and talked with him, he told us he'd absolutely join a church with a living prophet, and he knew he'd know it was true by the feelings God put in his heart about it. and he lives in our apartment complex, so it's really easy to visit. We've had trouble getting a lesson because he wants his whole family to hear, and they're usually not home at the same time. We'll figure it out though.
    The language is going pretty well. It depends on how fast people talk, but I can usually follow the conversation and can always express myself. I definitely need to keep learning though. I was talking to a recent convert, David Garcia, about two weeks, and we had a little miscommunication. I tried to ask him if he had read about Lehi's dream, but I don't know what he heard, because his reponse was "Si, si... orange juice." Haha it's going pretty well though.
   I'm learning a lot about really being centered on Christ. One of the things that I've loved about being a missionary is talking with so many people who have a strong love for and belief in the Savior. Just before I sat down to email I was talking to a woman for 10 or 15 minutes about how she came to believe in Christ and what that means to her. A less active woman asked me and my companion this week, "Do you really know Jesus? Personally?" I've been thinking about that ever since. There's a scripture in 2 Nephi that talks about rejoicing in Christ, prophesying of Christ, speaking about Christ, etc., and I think we could all doing that--putting him at the center of hearts and minds.
Elder Gaughan

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