Monday, April 28, 2014

Counting my Blessings

Truthfully, there's not too much to report this week. Everything is going pretty well, but we're pretty much in the same boat--trying to find investigators (mostly by knocking doors), and teaching as much as we can. In the beginning of the week our car was getting repaired and we left our apartment on foot for two days, which was a fun experience. I've had the blessing of being in a car my entire mission, so it made me "count my blessings". And at least a few good things happened as a result--for example, we got flagged down by a former investigator at a main intersection, so we jumped into his car and he took us to lunch, and then we set up an appointment to teach him!
If you could keep someone we're teaching in your prayers--her name is Josefina. She was baptized the Saturday before I arrived (two weeks ago), and for health/family reasons hasn't made it to church since, and therefore hasn't been confirmed. We're hoping she doesn't wait too long and have to get baptized again, because she's afraid of water!
Elder Gaughan 

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