Monday, April 21, 2014

Loving Longview

It's been an interesting week. As usual, coming to a new area has included a lot of changes--adjusting to a new companion, figuring out how to navigate a new city, meeting new members, missionaries, and investigators, etc. It's been pretty good though. 
   I really like Longview, but the hispanic community is pretty small. and because of that we cover a huuuge area. We're in a car, and apparently have the most monthly miles allotted to us out of the entire mission. Elder Vasquez has been here for 6 months, and directly knows or knows the friends or family of 5 to 10 of the people we contact every day. I really like our branch. We meet in part of a rented-out office building, and there are about 60 active members. haha as usual I got a weird look when I told them my last name "Gaughan" and had to repeat it 2-3 times with everyone I met.
    We ate dinner with a member family from el Salvador yesterday, and they told me when we sat down to eat that it would probably be the only time I would have that meal in my life. Now I knew it was fish, but it wasn't until we were finishing up that I realized it was a fish HEAD. It wasn't bad, but I think life will go on if I never see it again. I guess they cut it down the middle and prepare it in some special way, and only serve it during Holy Week (the week before Easter).  
    Not much more to say than that. I hope you're all doing good and praying for opportunities to share the gospel! 

Elder Gaughan

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