Monday, April 7, 2014

Another great week

This week I'll start with a cool connection that popped up this weekend during General Conference, my mission president, Devin Durrant, is the new 2nd Councilor in the Sunday School General Presidency! Once he's done here this July he goes back to Utah to start his new calling.

One of the last talks in the Sunday evening session was about laying up our "Treasures in Heaven". Something I get to see a lot as a missionary is where people put their treasures. A large number of people that listen to our message believe it is true, however only small percentage of that group do everything they need to do to make it to baptism, confirmation, and full activity in the church. Some of that has to do with how well we, the missionaries, as well as the members, help these people in that difficult transition. However, the fundamental decision comes down to the person we're teaching; and sadly, many times people decide that the opinions of their family, their traditions, their pride, or their habits are more important than the commandments of God. These people show pretty clearly through actions just how important the Gospel is to them--those who read, pray, attend church, and strive to make changes care, and the other people don't (or at least not enough to change). For example, we're teaching a woman that is on the verge of baptism--she complies with almost every requirement, believes Joseph Smith is a prophet and the Book of Mormon to be the word of God, and has seen her heart and very character change as she has embraced the message of the restored gospel. However, she's having trouble letting go of the religion she grew up in, and it's impeding her progression.
   One thing I plan to do this week is take a look at how I spend my time, energy, and thoughts, and figure out exactly where my "treasure" is, and what I can do better to "store up my treasures in heaven."
     Not much to report on this week though! Conference was wonderful, and we were able to go to the temple this week which is always a great experience. I invite y'all to check out Elder Ballard's talk from Sunday (I'll let you guess what the theme is). I testify that the Spirit is real, as are the promised blessings of following the Savior. We have the responsibility and opportunity to share that with others. I love you!
Elder Gaughan

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